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Our delicious iQ Juice blends are an exciting way to nourish body and mind.

What makes iQ Juice so tasty is the care we take in sourcing the best ingredients for function and flavor. It all started by seeking plant remedies for my mother who has Alzheimer's. We sampled plant extracts from across the globe, found the best, and blended them with fruit and vegetable juices. 

Drink iQ Juice daily for maximum health benefits.  


iQ juice blends are functional and flavorful, designed to deliver great taste while addressing common lifestyle health issues.  
iQ juice is focused on Brain Health.  Each blend starts with a base of fresh-pressed Apple Cider and Passion Fruit Juice, both loaded with antioxidants.  
The most powerful one for your brain is called Quercetin, and iQ juice is packed with this brain-boosting powerhouse.  Studies have associated it with improved brain function.  
Everything starts in the brain.   


CLEANSE - Green Tea & Coconut Milk FAT BURNER - Garcina Cambogia & Raspberry DETOX - Pomegranate, Beet & Lemon IMMUNITY - Blueberry, Camu-Camu, Vitamin C & Zinc MEMORY - Tart Cherry, Blueberry, Gotu Kola & Vitamin E PROBIOTIC – Mango & Acidophilus RADIANT – Kale, Orange, Strawberry, White Grape, Aloe RISE UP – Orange, Strawberry, White Grape, Guarana & B12 RELAXATION – Blackberry & Kava  All iQ juice blends are sweetened by nature, with no added sugars.    

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