iQ juice was inspired by my parents—my mother’s Alzheimer’s and my father’s quest to help her. It was 2011, and I was just beginning my own juicing journey at home, blending the vegetables my wife grew in our garden with apple cider, plant extracts and vitamins.

I began developing specific blends to address the problems we ourselves faced—immune support, cleansing and detoxing, weight loss. We both loved the flavor of fresh-pressed apple cider and used it as a base in every blend. I was experimenting with super fruits from across the globe and discovered the sweet/tart taste of passion fruit made the perfect combination; it became the base of all our blends.

My father, a scientist, was part of a research team at a renowned university that did clinical studies on plant extracts for brain-health benefits. I showed my father the blends I had created, and he asked if I would like to meet his team of researchers at the lab. I listened to them extol the merits of each plant extract. Then I asked them, “What would be the best juice for brain health?” The researchers all agreed, “Apple Cider” because it contains Quercitin, a bioflavanoid with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Apple Cider also has fiber that helps your body make the “gut/brain” connection by carrying nutrients and probiotics to the brain through the bloodstream.

We had already been creating delicious blends with apple cider because it tasted so good. What started out as making a great tasting juice became a mission for better brain health, and iQ juice was born.

Cheers to the best YOU!